Here are some hero characters we have drawn for corporate advertisements, publications, and other media, as well as some of our original heroes. I specialize in characters that are muscular but not too cool and a bit ditzy.

Hero character for a serialized project for Tarzan magazine. A hero who teaches us how to exercise.
Hero character in Nikkei BP's series. He teaches organizational management, team management, and captaincy in companies and other organizations.
"Mise bancho" He is the hero behind the communication of information for the multi-store organization.
Book cover illustration. He is the hero who teaches us about investing in U.S. stocks.
Illustrations for web media. A hero teaches us about taking care of our bodies after a marathon.
Heroes inspired by each team at an event for fans of the Central League of Nippon Professional Baseball.
雑誌「Yen SPA!」の記事にて、FXについてそれぞれ得意な手法を教えてくれるヒーローたち。
In an article in the magazine "Yen SPA!", these heroes tell us about FX and their respective specialty methods.
Heroes who convey the charms of the Tama region of Tokyo. Akiruno City, Ome City, Hinode Town, Hinohara Village, Higashimurayama City, Fussa City
He's the hero who teaches me kickboxing in the gym.
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