I drew an illustration of the cover of the novel. I like it very much, so I would like you to buy it and see it. Besides the cover, I also drew color frontispiece and monochrome illustrations.

After you finish reading the book, you can look at the cover again and find it interesting.
第一回次世代作家文芸賞ライトノベルス大賞受賞作「転移に巻き込まれた歌舞伎町のネズミ」(谷 明/著 アース・スター ノベル)の装画(表紙カバーイラスト)を描きました。かなり気に入っているので是非買って観てやってくださいまし。カラーの口絵やモノクロの挿絵も描いています。


This character is the leading role of this novel, the mouse. I can't believe a mouse goes to another world or talks.
I like the cut of the scene of this hamburger shop. I could express it with a good feeling.
This is an illustration of the cover page. Important characters are still hidden at the left and right edges. When you finish reading, remove the cover and open it to see the hidden part.
Book cover "転移に巻き込まれた歌舞伎町のネズミ"illustration HIRADO SANPEI イラストレーター平戸三平
Thank you for watching until the end.

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